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Angry Birds Open GL Error Fix for Windows 7 and XP

Angry Birds Open GL Error Fix for Windows 7 and XP

Image used under Creative Commons from thethreesisters.

You have played Angry Birds in your mobile, now you want to play the game in PC. So you have downloaded the PC version of the game and installed it. Even though installation is successful you may get some OpenGL or DirectX errors. So here is a working fix for all the errors.

You may get one or more of the following errors while running Angry Birds in your computer.

OpenGL 2.0 renderer not supported!

OpenGL 1.4 renderer not supported!

DirectX 11 renderer not supported!

If you get one or more of the above errors here is the fix for this.

We have Two Methods for fixing this. Either of them will surely work for you.

Method 1:

1. In your windows system, go to Start -> Control panel.

2. Go to Device Manager (If you can’t find the option, use the search box).

3. Go to Display Adapters

4. Double Click the Driver which is displayed.

5. In the window that pops up, go to the Driver tab and click Update Driver.

6. Click Search automatically for updated driver software option in the window that pops up.

7. Update the software and Restart your computer.

Go to Angry Birds and your problem should be fixed and you should be able to play the game. If not try Method 2.

Method 2:

Step 1: Updating all your drivers (Recommended)

Even though this step is not totally necessary, I recommend you to do this because it will also tackle the future problems while running games of any kind and it takes only a few minutes and it is fully automatic.

Go to the following link:

It is the Intel Automatic Driver Update Utility. It checks for the drivers in your computer and updates them if needed.

Step 2: Installing the latest DirectX (Recommended)

Some of you may get the DirectX error along with the Open GL error. If so this step is a must and for others I strongly recommend in installing the latest DirectX from the following link.


Alternately, you can download the latest DirectX from here: DirectX 11
The above link gives you the direct executable file rather than a web installer.

Step 3: Installing the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver (Must)

This is the final and most important step in tackling the Open GL error. Just download the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for your operating system either windows 7 or windows xp from the following link and install it.

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Windows 7:


Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Windows XP:


If the above two links didn’t work for you, go to the below link and select the Driver according to your System Configurations:


Now Restart your computer.

Try running the game and you should be able to play now!

All the above steps are explained in the following YouTube video:

If you have any problems just leave a comment stating your problem.

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If you have found other solutions, do share it in the comment section below.



  1. deu certo mesmo valeu pela dica fico te devendo esssa..


  2. not working in Windows 8
    Error: OpenGL 1.3 is not supported


  3. Dude try the first method correctly.
    It will work for sure!

  4. when i completed the first method , after some some time a message appeared that you have the latest version of intel drivers. but still not able to play game


  5. Update your DirectX and try again.

  6. You’re welcome dude!

  7. i attempted method 2
    while installing the graphic media accelator
    it prompt that system didnot meet the minimum requirements
    what should i do?


  8. You must have downloaded the wrong driver.
    Have you tried method 1??
    If not try it. It is easy.

  9. hey buddy when i did the first method it showed that the best driver software for your computer is already been installed.what would i do now. please help me. my all pc games are not working dude.

  10. i can’t find device manger


  11. If you are in Windows7 go to -> Start and in the search box type “Device Manager”.
    You will find it for sure.

  12. thanks buddy..it worked correctly..thanks from heart…


  13. thanks dude…… you are really a god


  14. Dude, I’m not a God. Just consider me as your friend.

  15. hi ! i have a problem with my graphic card driver when i try to update it it doesn’t work it downloaded the driver with no problems but when it try to install it says : (there was a problem during the installation )
    pleaseee help :/ !!
    thanx !


  16. Did you try the first method ??

    If not try it.

    Still the error appears ???

    Give me the details of the error.

  17. first method worked for me
    thank u.


  18. when i update the driver, it says that the best driver software for your device s already installed…….


  19. Ok. Try the second method.

  20. hey buddy!! i have downloaded the setup of BLUSTACKS APP PLAYER but on installing it ,it shows YOUR GRAPHIC CARD DOESN’T RECOGNIZED YOU MAY NEED TO UPDATE IT .and when i go to DISPAY ADAPTERS it shows your graphic card is already updated ..so plz plz plz HeLp mE oUt…


  21. Try the second method and let me know the result.

  22. i’ve tried but on installing the graphic media accelerator from your given link it shows that YOU HAVE LATEST VERSION WORKING ON YOUR DEVICE THAT THIS VERSION..and i’ve windows 8 so it has already installed the laest version of directx (directx 11) ..moreover my all drivers are updated ..that means i’ve tried both the methods ..so if you have another solution of this complexxx ..then plz tell me ..

  23. Exactly what error are you getting ??

    Is it ‘OpenGL’ error or anything else ??

  24. in angry birds i’m getting ..opengl 2.0 renderer not supported!reason:
    opengl 2.0 is not supported

    opengl 1.4 renderer not supported!reason:
    openhl 1.3 is not supported

    and on installing BLUSTACK i’m getting ..bluestack currently doesn’t recognize your graphic card. it is possible that your graphic drivers may need to be updated .please update them and try installing again.

  25. method 2 step one worked perfect for me ! thank you very much !!


  26. texture problem too large!! solve this!!


  27. n i have standard vga graphics adapter which is up to date!!

  28. Texture problem is also caused due to graphic drivers.

    You claim that you have your driver up to date.

    But I recommend you to go for the second method mentioned in the article.

  29. I method 1 The dialog box is saying that my driver is up to date
    And in the 2nd method diagnostics report is that my driver is updated.But still Angry Birds is not running in my computer.What should I do? Please help.


  30. I have a link for updating your drivers manually in ‘Method 2′

    Pleas refer to that.

  31. hallo frnd I have acer D270 notebook,atom processor,I hve instld AB but it shows open gl render 2.0 error. Also I hav downloaded display drivers but I think its wrong.Hw can i find right matched audio, video drives from net.plz help me.


  32. You can follow the steps in ‘Method 2′

  33. Nothing has worked at all. I have done everything you stated and restarted the computer. I am running windows 7. I keep getting an error window:

    OpenGL 1.4 renderer not supported!
    OpenGL ES 1.1 renderer not supported!
    OpenGL ES 2.0 renderer not supported!

    Any ideas?

    Thank you.


  34. What about DirectX ???

    Is it up to date ??

  35. Dear Sir,
    I have the same problem. My driver is up to date. In method two the files downloaded do not install saying that system does not meet minimum requirements even when manually selecting file. Directx also not installed and failed. Pl help

  36. method 1 not working. i tried 2 method but the media graphic acclrator dosen’t install properly


  37. method 2 ,step 2 and step3 dosen’t instaal. nw what can i do to play the game


  38. my nopreating system is windos ultimate 64bit..media acclerator dosen’t suppot it


  39. hi man the accelerator while em installing it it told me tat m minimum system requirements aren’t the minimum requirements

    my ram is 4 g byte and 1 g for my videos card


  40. thanks man, your both the methods worked for me. :-)


  41. i have latest graphic driver and latest directx… windows 8 pro x86 system (original with all updates) and still not work for me… playing any new games without problems…


  42. very nice suggestions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  43. Yea…it worked..lol I tried method #2 i updated my driver with no problems…media graphiocs card would not update though…said my system didn’t support ?? idk but anyway I tried Angry birds again with the new driver unstalled and it worked :) thank you so much for your help and your links..lol I think I better bookmark your page for future use..lol thanks buds :)


  44. hey..
    i want to download opengl1.3 because..
    my 2nd PC doesnt have any net connection ..
    so any other option plz tell me @ dharmingheewala@yahoo.in
    p;zzzz dear… help me..


  45. very useful info.Thank u dear Friend


  46. I faced problem in Windows 7 that openGL 2.0 and 1.4 not supported.
    I applied your above stated solution Step 3 : Install Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Windows 7
    I have succeeded and Angry Birds is now running.
    Many thanks.


  47. my driver is via chrome 9 family and i use windows xp .even my ram is 512mb and i dont have graphics card in my pc.can i run the game on my pc.even i am getting the opengl problem


  48. hi! tried everything from method 1 to 2. restart my computer then tried opening the angry bird, the same problem pop up again. downloaded the directx 11 then it said the update is not applicable on your computer. what i will do? pls help thanks…


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  50. running on windows 7 and my display adapter is NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT. hope that could help. thank you


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  52. what if my video card is nvidia would it still work?


  53. thanku! it really worked


  54. thanxxxxx man …u r awesome


  55. plz someone tell me where to find intel graphics media accelerator drives
    i m not able to find them for windows 8.1
    and i need them to play games
    i get all of the above mentioned errors+directx 11 renderer not supported


  56. my OS windows 7 home premium 64bit and display adaptor intel(R) G41 express chipset (microsoft corporation-WDDM 1.1) , processor Pentium(R) Dual Core CPU E5400@ 2.70 GHz. when i tried to update driver it says it is ok then i tried to installIntel(R) Grapphics media acceletor driver , it says with this configuration can’t install.What can i do now? I tried your method 1 in another computer and it worked